BM-Volvo 430 / Volvo BM T430

The major technical innovation on the 430 was the Trac Trol fast gear. Every gear could be shifted between a low and a direct setting without using the clutch. This additional gearbox gave the eight-speed gearbox twice as many speeds. Three versions of the 430 were launched: standard, special and industrial. The special and industrial versions had a stronger front axle and steering gear in order to withstand high stresses. It was also available with hydraulically assisted steering. The standard tractor was also available with an adjustable front axle. The tractor had disc brakes on the differential shafts, and an independent and driving-wheel-dependent power take-off.

The industrial variant was painted yellow and had road tires. The robust chassis of the tractor, with strong fixing points, made it highly suitable for mounting all kinds of attachments and equipment. Cab comfort increased during the period of production, with better noise damping, a new torsion-sprung seat adjustable to suit the weight of the driver, and a heating system. In all, 24 889 units were made, of which 1 125 were yellow industrial tractors. In addition, 370 chassis were used for the small SM 462 forwarder.
430 specifications
Engine Perkins D 25
Cylinders 3
Cylinder capacity, l 2,5
Rated output, hk 44,5
Gears, forward/reverse 8/2 TT (fast gear)
Wheelbase, mm 2 100
Operating weight, kg 2 400
Production no.  
– 430, T430 23 764
– 430, T430 I 1 125
Production year  
– 430, T430 1969–1978
– 430, T430 I 1970–1978