Welcome to explore the many interesting and innovative products manufactured during the years. From the first simple foundry products to the complex and highly advanced products of today.

From the beginning, in 1832, the company produced on demand from the costumers like simple tools for lathes, grinders and iron chests.

In the 1850s Munktells started producing its own products like steam engines and in 1853 the first Swedish steam locomotive was produced. However the big seller starting the same year was the locomobile.

In 1906 the first of our company's many construction equipment products saw the light of day, the steam roller.

Following the steam roller was the first Swedish farm tractor that came a few year later in 1913. Many tractor models followed and became the base for construction equipment like motor graders, wheel loaders, articulated haulers, backhoe loaders and forestry equipment etc.

Very early in both the Bolinder company as well as Munktells engines were a large part of the production. Thanks to this engineering history, manufacturing engines and other main components for farm tractors and all following descendents have always been a strong suit and is one of the main reasons why Volvo products have been met with such success through the years.