T 650

BM-Volvo 650 / Volvo BM T650

This model replaced the well-known Boxer, which, after many years’ production, had changed its designation from 350 to 650. The 650 was a completely new tractor. In addition to innovative thinking in terms of comfort and safety, there were also numerous other new features, compared with its predecessor the 600, such as a new engine, new transmission with fast gear, new hydrostatic steering system with adjustable steering wheel, new rear axle, new dry disc brakes and much more besides. The four-cylinder engine had replaceable wet cylinder liners and a five-bearing crankshaft. For vibration-free running, the engine had a balancing system consisting of two counter-rotating weights connected via a pinion. There was also a thermostat in the induction manifold. The in-house-developed cab could be fitted with a cab ventilator mounted in the position of the roof hatch.

This meant that the cab could be ventilated with fresh air which had passed through large paper filters. In time, air conditioning was offered as an option.

The 650 was supplied with independent and driving-wheel-dependent power take-offs, each operated with a separate plate-type clutch. Much improved Terra Trol Mark II hydraulics were introduced into production in February 1975.
Production continued for 12 years. During that time, many minor and major improvements were introduced. 26 120 agricultural and military tractors were made. Of these, 1 502 were yellow industrial tractors and 2 080 were in the form of PKD (partially-assembled) kits for the assembly factory in Iran and other chassis for external superstructure builders.

650 specifications
Engine BM D 42
Cylinders 4
Cylinder capacity, l 4,2
Rated output, hk 80
Gears, forward/reverse 8/2 TT (fast gear)
Wheelbase, mm 2 440
Operating weight, kg 3 900
Production no.  
– 650, T650 26 120
– 650, T650 I 1 502
– 650, T650 PKD 2 080
Production year  
– 650, T650 1970–1982
– 650, T650 I 1970–1982
– 650, T650 PKD 1971–1976