BM-Volvo 600

The successor to the BM 350 Boxer, the 600, had a modern design similar to the 800. Technically, the 600 was constructed in the same way as the Boxer 350. The 600 also came to be called Boxer. However, many improvements were made, such as increasing the hydraulic pressure. This, together with the larger area of the lifting piston, resulted in a much-needed increase in the lifting force. New equipment included a front ramp with space for six 47 kg load weights. Most of the equipment was the same as on the 350 model, so they were fully available right from the start of production. The T 600 was available with a noise-damped cab instead of the simpler version with a clad safety frame.
This was especially appreciated by those who often used the tractor for transport purposes. The 600 I industrial tractor had a slightly different cab, but apart from this it did not differ much from the agricultural tractor. Naturally, the industrial tractor had types suitable for use on the road. The front axle was reinforced, the flywheel housing was of nodular iron and the read axle casings had machined mounting faces for attachments and equipment. A total of 12 794 units were made, of which 594 were the industrial version. PKD (partially-assembled) kits were also sent to the assembly factory in Teheran.
600 specifications
Engine BM 1113 A
Cylinders 3
Cylinder capacity, l 3,78
Rated output, hk 51
Gears, forward/reverse 10/2
Maximum speed, km/h 30
Wheelbase, mm 2 305
Operating weight, kg 2 910
Production no.  
– 600 12 200
– 600 I 594
– 600 PKD 1 500
Production year  
– 600 1967–1970
– 600 I 1967–1970
– 600 PKD 1967–1970