Bolinder-Munktell BM 230 (Victor) / Volvo T 230

22 June 1955 saw the launch of the BM 230, a tractor that was to become a legend. It was built on the same chassis as the 20 series. The two-cylinder Bolinders 1052 engine had excellent pulling power and lower fuel consumption than any other comparable tractor engine. When the tractor was working hard there was hardly ever any need to shift down. The engine speed simply dropped until the load eased off again.
The tractor was fitted with a hydraulic lift. All 230s, both Volvo and BM, were painted red from 1 May 1960. This model was named the Victor. In time, more tractors were given such names. For extra tractive effort two tractors could be coupled together, but this arrangement lacked flexibility.
In the spring of 1958, the BM 230 was upgraded, with higher engine output.
BM 230 (Victor) specifications
Engine Bolinders 1052
Cylinders 2
Cylinder capacity, l 2,24
Rated output, hk
– Original 29
– 1958 version 31
Gears, forward/reverse 5/1
Maximum speed, km/h
– Original 26
– 1958 version 22,9
Wheelbase, mm 1 850
Operating weight, kg 1 650
Production no. 10 929
Production year 1955–1961

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