Bolinder-Munktell / Munktells BM 21

The BM 21, the successor to the BM 20, was largely the same machine, except for the injection system of the engine, which had been changed from side injection with fixed injectors to top injection with variable injectors. This gave a higher engine output – 46 hk. The injectors and their injection cone shape were controlled with a lever on the steering column. 
One extreme position was for starting and idling, the other was for peak load. The driver could vary the setting to suit the fuel and the load. To exploit the increased engine power, the tractor was fitted with 30" tires, increasing its off-road performance.
BM 21 specifications
Engine Bolinders W5
Cylinders 2
Cylinder capacity, l 5,3
Rated output, hk 46
Gears, forward/reverse 5/1
Wheelbase, mm 1 800
Weight, kg 2 650
Production no. 1 013
Production year 1951–1953

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