Bolinder-Munktell BM 15 (Terrier)

The BM 15 was a small gasoline-driven tractor which was produced to compete in the smallest market segment. Originally the tractor was only intended to be sold as a Volvo product but it was soon included in the BM range as the BM 15 or Terrier.
The model designation was soon changed to BM 425. The engine used was the B 14 gasoline engine, 120 000 of which had been produced for the Volvo PV 444 car and later for the Volvo Amazon.
BM 15 (Terrier) specifications
Engine Volvo B 14 C
Cylinders 4
Cylinder capacity, l 1,41
Rated output, hk 29
Gears, forward/reverse 4/1
Wheelbase, mm 1 915
Weight, kg 1 350
Production no. 275
Production year 1956