Avance Motorized Plough

The motorized plough type 1 was introduced by Avance in 1913 and was a sort of simple tractor. The main difference between the motorized plough and the Avance tractor that was to come years later (and all other tractors really) was that the motorized plough was only a plough while the tractor was a more versatile machine where attachments could be changed. In 1920 the motorized plough type 1 was sold for a price of SEK 15 000.
Motorized plough type 1 1913 specifications
Engine Avance
Cylinders 1
Cylinder capacity, l 6
Rated output, hk 19
Gears, forward/reverse 2/2
Wheelbase, mm 1610
Operating weight, kg 4230
Production years 1913-