The Avance Tractor

The Avance Tractor

The one tractor model that AB Avancemotor made had a few quite ingenious details that, all though not revolutionary in any technical sense, did simplify some procedures and tasks that were otherwise associated with tractor maintenence. 

One such detail was that the small burner which heated the engine to operating temperature ran on the same fuel that the tractor ran on which was unusual at the time. All electrical apparatus had been avoided in this machine because it had been seen as the weakest link on earlier similar machines.

At the time of this machines production, electronics was the hardest thing to incorporate into a farm tractor which was in alla other aspects, built to withstand the harshest of wind and weather. Often times the electronic apparatus suffered from unmild treatment and became an annoyance to customers.

The tractor was produced during 1924 to 1932, however it was changed and updated somewhat in 1928. Allthough it was a strong competitor at the time, the number made was quite limited

Avance tractor specifications
Engine Avance
Rated output, hk 30
Volume in tank, l 75
Length, mm 3100
Gears, forward/reverse 2/1
Max speed forward/reverse, km/h 4,56/2,22
Wheelbase, mm 1800
Operating weight, kg 2600