Steam Engines

Throughout the years, the company concentrated on making its own components. Munktells Mekaniska Verkstads AB started making steam engines very early on and did much to develop them. However, they realised in time that the steam engine was being replaced by the internal combustion engine.

The technical genius J T Munktell took an early interest in the development of the steam engine throughout Europe. While visiting England, he acquired technical insights into this engine, which was used there to power locomotives, among other things. In his work with Samuel Owen, who started an engineering plant in Stockholm in 1805, he was able to learn even more about steam engines.

The first steam locomotive in Sweden - dubbed "Förstlingen" (The first born) - was completed in August 1853.

In 1854, Munktells Mekaniska Verkstads AB also presented Sweden's first traction engine. More than 6500 traction engines left the gates of the company up to 1921, when manufacture was discontinued.