Bolinder-Munktell 350 (Boxer) / BM-Volvo 350 (Boxer)

Two red tractors were launched on 18 March 1959, one branded BM, the other branded Volvo. This model sold more than any other tractor in the history of BM and Volvo. The first series-produced tractor rolled off the line on 12 May 1959. The Boxer, which was newly developed in every respect, was a direct replacement for the BM 35/36. No effort was spared during the three and a half years of development to meet the new demands that had emerged. The 350 type designation refers to the three cylinders of the engine and the “50 hk (swedish horsepower)” output. One innovation on this model was the fully independent power take-off. As well as being an excellent agricultural tractor, some of which are still in use in the 21st century, it formed the basis of several products in the construction and forestry sectors.
The model became so popular that production had difficulty keeping pace with demand. Special designs were produced, such as the tricycle and the tandem, as well as tall portal tractors for use in vineyards. Counting only “proper” tractors, more units of the Boxer were produced by BM than any other BM tractor. The total number over nine years of production was 28 039 units. In addition, 400 PKD kits (partially assembled) about 10 000 chassis for forestry and construction machinery were produced. Most of these were for the LM 218 rear loader, but they were also used in the DR 631 articulated hauler “Grus-Kalle, (Gravel Charlie)” and its sister machine for timber haulage, the SM 665/667, known as “Timmer-Kalle (Timber Charlie)”.
350 (Boxer) specifications
Engine BM 1113
Cylinders 3
Cylinder capacity, l 3,78
Rated output, hk 56
Gears, forward/reverse 10/2
Wheelbase, mm 2305
Ground Clearance, mm 490
Operating weight, kg 2370
Production no.  
-- BM 350 26815
-- BM 350 I 1224
-- BM 350 PKD 400
Production year  
-- BM 350 1959-1967
-- BM 350 I 1963-1967
-- BM 350 PKD 1964-1967