Volvo T 15

The Volvo T 15 was a small gasoline-driven tractor which was produced to compete in the smallest market segment. Originally the tractor was only intended to be sold as a Volvo product but it was soon included in the BM range as the BM 15 or Terrier.
The T 15 model designation was soon changed to T 425, which was the last Volvo tractor to be made. The engine used was the B 14 gasoline engine, 120 000 of which had been produced for the Volvo PV 444 car and later for the Volvo Amazon.
T 15, Krabat specifications
Engine Volvo B 14 C
Cylinders 4
Cylinder capacity, l 1,41
Rated output, hk 29
Gears, forward/reverse 4/1
Wheelbase, mm 1 915
Operating weight, kg 1 350
Production no. 975
Production year 1956