Volvo BM / BM-Volvo T810, T814

In 1969, two turbo variants of the T 800 were launched: the two-wheel-drive T 810 and the four-wheel drive T 814. These were the first turbo tractors from the company, but turbo technology was already well developed at Volvo. The T 814 had an exceptionally strong front axle, in principle the same driven steering axle with planetary gears as was fitted to the LM 640. This axle, which was designed for high stresses, had been in use for several years and was thoroughly proven. The hydrostatic steering made the T 814 very easy to steer. Eventually it was also fitted to the two-wheel-drive versions. For "cab markets" there was a cab from an external manufacturer. The cab was mounted on rubber and internally clad with sound-insulating and sound-absorbing material to keep down noise. It was also equipped with an effective heater and defroster system.

The T 810 and T 814 were the first tractors from the company with both 1 000 r/min and 540 r/min power take-offs. Terra Trol Mark II, with major improvements, was introduced into production in February 1975. At the same time the cab was upgraded in various ways, including more headroom and greater glass area. 3 550 units of the T 810 and 1647 units of the T 814 were produced.

The new D 60 engine was introduced in the mid-1970s.