Volvo BM T 500

The T 500 was a completely new tractor. In terms of size it came between the T 430 and the T 650. The driveline from the engine back came from IH. This included everything from gearbox, rear axle and brakes to power take-off and hydraulic lift. The gearbox was a four-speed synchromesh stepped gearbox with high and low ratios and reverse. This gave a total of eight forward speeds and four reverse. An alternative version with additional hydraulically-operated fast gear doubled the number of speeds. The T 500 was fitted with a modern rear axle with planetary gears and wet, hydraulically-operated disc brakes. The power take-off was fully independent and was operated hydraulically via a multi-plate clutch.

The tractor was reliable, flexible and easy to drive. This was due, among other things, to the hydrostatic steering. The hydraulic system was integrated with the transmission and shared the same oil. The cab, manufactured in-house, was designed so that the entire driver's position, with floor, seat, instruments and controls, etc, formed a self-contained unit separate from the tractor itself. There was no metal-to-metal contact anywhere. This effectively excluded noise. Of the 6 662 tractors made, 286 were the industrial variant.


T 500 specifications
Engine Perkins 4.236 (D 39 T)
Cylinders 4
Cylinder capacity, l 3,86
Rated output, hk 61
Gears, forward/reverse 8/4 TT (fast gear)
Wheelbase, mm 2 170
Operating weight, kg 2 850
Production no.
– T 500 6 376
– T 500 I 286
Production year
– T 500 1975–1978
– T 500 I 1976–1978