Volvo BM 2650 S

225 examples of the 2650 S (S = special) were made. This was in fact a converted 2600 (the successor to the T 800) which could not be sold on the export markets because of political instability in those regions. Eventually the 2650 S was fitted with a turbo and a cab for the Nordic Countries' market. The 2650 S did not have certain servo functions (diff lock and PTO clutch operation) and there was no fast gear.
The left and right lift links were adjusted from outside with a turnbuckle. Ejector emptying of the air filter was not included, the valve set for external hydraulics was different, and so on. The 2650 S was fitted with wheel weights as standard. However, it was equivalent to the 2650 in most other respects.
2650 S specifications
Engine Volvo TD 60
Cylinders 6
Cylinder capacity, l 5,48
Rated output, hk 140
Gears, forward/reverse 7/2
Wheelbase, mm 2 740
Operating weight, kg 7 000

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