Volvo BM 2600

An export model for non-European markets was launched a few years after production of the 2650/2654 began. This was a normally-aspirated version of the two-wheel-drive version. It was designated Volvo BM 2600. The stated output of the normally aspirated Volvo D 60 B engine, was 117 hk SAE, compared with 150 hk for the turbo engine. The 2600 was only available in a platform version, in other words with no cab, usually with a factory-fitted sunshade roof.
Servo operation of the differential lock and power take-off clutch was replaced with mechanical operation. Later this was introduced on the platform versions of the 2650 and 2654. The main market for the 2600 was the Middle East. Because of political instability in that part of the world, sales diminished and a number of 2600s were converted for the Nordic Countries' market. These machines were given the designation 2650 S (special).
2600 specifications
Engine Volvo D 60 B
Cylinders 6
Cylinder capacity, l 5,48
Rated output, hk 117
Gears, forward/reverse 8/2
Wheelbase, mm 2 740
Operating weight, kg 5 000
Production no. 1 477
Production year 1981–1983

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