Volvo BM 2204

The 2204 was a further development of the T 500 in the sense that it was based on the same "IH-skid", the same Perkins engine, the same Volvo BM cab, all of which gave it the same characteristics as the T 500. Put simply, the 2204, with 56 hk DIN, can be described as a "derated" T 500. The 2204 was the four-wheel-drive variant. The four-wheel drive was the same design as IH used on their machines.
The front-wheel drive was engaged and disengaged by means of an electro-hydraulically operated plate-type clutch. The 2204 was produced only with a cab. Its modern design and the high level of comfort in the cab made the machine a favorite with small farmers. A favorable torque curve with increased torque at low engine speeds gave pulling power comparable with that of earlier models.
2204 specifications
Engine Volvo BM D 39 T
Cylinders 4
Cylinder capacity, l 3,86
Rated output, hk 56
Gears, forward/reverse 8/4 TT (fast gear)
Wheelbase, mm 2170
Operating weight, kg 3400
Production no. 320
Production year 1979-1981