Munktells Type 25 hk

The Munktells Type 25 has become a classic and is popular with collectors. The tractor weighed 2 100 kg and was powered by the Bolinder W5 5,3 liter two-cylinder, two-stroke ignition bulb engine, with an output of 32 hk at 900 r/min. The bore and stroke of the cylinder were the same, 150 mm. The engine idled at 900 r/min, and its speed could be controlled from the driver's seat. The machine had compressed air starting and the ignition bulbs were quick to heat up, 3-4 minutes.
The gearbox had four forward speeds and one reverse, with a lever-operated plate clutch. A "coupling brake" was provided for easier gear shifting. The speeds were 3,2 – 4,2 – 5,0 – 6,2 km/h forward and 2,5 km/h reverse. When rubber tires were used, the ratios were changed, increasing the maximum speed to 10 and 14 km/h.
Type 25 hk specifications
Engine Bolinders W5
Cylinders 2
Cylinder capacity, l 5,3
Rated output, hk 32
Gears, forward/reverse 4/1
Wheelbase, mm 1 780
Weight, kg 2 100
Production no. 1 314
Production year 1934–1938