Munktells type 22 hk

The type 22 hk was designed on the new principles, which was also used by the American manufacturers. The engine, gearbox and rear axle casing were assembled together to form one load-bearing unit. This meant that a heavy, bulky chassis was no longer needed. A compact and lighter tractor was the result. The engine was a 7,3 liter, two-cylinder, two-stroke ignition bulb engine with a centrifugal governor which kept the engine speed to 700 r/min both at idling and at full load. Cylinder bore 160 mm, stroke 180 mm. Heating the ignition bulbs took far less time than before, only 2-3 minutes. 
Another innovation was the compressed air starter, which started the engine using compressed air from a reservoir that was charged when the engine was running.
The forerunner of the oil bath cleaner was also introduced. It consisted of a large number of metal parts which were kept moistened by oil to separate sand and dust. The tractor was developed to use a two-share plow and was far easier to manoeuvre than earlier models, since its right-hand wheels ran in the furrow when plowing.
The tractor was also used to power the first Munktell grader. A total of 1579 tractors were produced and around 400-500 of them were used for graders.
Type 22 hk specifications
Engine Munktells
Cylinders 2
Cylinder capacity, l 7,3
Rated output, hk 26
Gears forward/reverse 3/1
Wheelbase, mm 1680
Weight, kg 2580
Production no. 1579
Production year 1921-1934