Munktells GBMV-1

Production of combine harvesters had begun and a more powerful engine was needed. As this was during the Second World War, the engine had to be powered by producer gas. With this in mind, the GBMV-1 was developed. 1943 saw the start of technical cooperation between Bolinder-Munktell and Volvo, which started to make tractors at this time. The two firms developed a common tractor model in which almost everything except the engines was the same. BM fitted ignition bulb engines, while Volvo fitted carburettor and Hesselmann engines.
 The newly-developed five-speed gearbox was made by BM and was used in both the Munktell GBMV-1 and the Volvo T 41. The two-cylinder ignition bulb engine developed 36 hk at 1 150 r/min. Top speed with rubber wheels was 16 km/h. When the war ended, liquid fuel became available and the tractors were converted to run on oil. When this was done, the type designation of the tractor was changed to BM 20.
GBMV-1 specifications
Engine Bolinders W5
Cylinders 2
Cylinder capacity, l 5,3
Power, hk 36
Gears, forward/reverse 4/1
Wheelbase, mm 1 780
Production no. including BM 20 473
Production year 1944–1945