Munktells BM 10

The BM 10 was developed for small and medium-sized farms. The tractor was also designed to be suitable for non-agricultural haulage work. The engine was a two-cylinder, two-stroke, ignition bulb unit which developed 23 hk at 1 200 r/min. It had electric starting, and the ignition bulbs were heated by heating coils. The gearbox, with five forward gears and one reverse, had longitudinal shafts and was the same as that used in the smaller Volvo tractors. The top speed was 20 km/h and the speed in first gear at full engine speed was 4 km/h. The total weight was 1 300 kg. A feature of the tractor was its clean lines, with most of the components concealed behind hinged covers.
The hood was only 28 cm wide, so that forward visibility was extremely good. The rear axle casing was shaped at the back so that accessories such as power take-off, pulley gear unit and later a hydraulic lift could be fitted. At full engine speed the power take-off delivered 540 r/min. This meant that almost the entire engine output could be used for the attachments. The tractor was equipped with hydraulics. This made it possible to fit a large number of hydraulically-operated attachments such as front loaders, plows, mowers, compressors and so on.
BM 10 specifications
Engine Bolinders W3
Cylinders 2
Cylinder capacity, l 2,72
Rated output, hk 23
Gears, forward/reverse 5/1
Wheelbase, mm 1 650
Weight, kg 1 300
Production no. 6 400
Production year 1947–1952