Munktells 30-40 hk

The first Swedish-made tractor was intended primarily for large farms or estates. It was powered by a vertical ignition bulb engine with water injection. The engine ran at a constant speed of 550 r/min, delivering 30 hk in normal operation, with a peak power of 40 hk. The cooling system contained 380 liters of water. The engine was a two-stroke, crude oil engine with glow bulb ignition. It had two cylinders, or, to be more precise, it was made up of two single-cylinder engines in tandem.
It could take as long as ten minutes for the blowlamps to get the ignition bulbs hot enough for the engine to start. The tractor had three forward speeds, 4,4 km/h for travel and 2,8 and 3,6 km/h for working. A pulley on one side of the tractor could be used to drive a threshing machine, for instance.
Type 30-40 hk specifications
Engine Munktells
Cylinders 2
Cylinder capacity, l 14,4
Rated output, hk 40
Gears, forward/reverse 3/1
Wheelbase, mm 3 000
Operating weight, kg 8 300
Production no. 31
Production year 1913–1915

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