Bolinder-Munktell BM 425 (Terrier)

Tractors used to be designed so that the driver had to climb up to the seat from the back. By the time the BM 15 and its successor the BM 425 were launched, a different approach was used. With longer tractors, the driver's seat was easy to get to. The engine was the Volvo B 16 C gasoline engine. The standard version of the 425 had a differential lock. This was unusual and was a strong marketing argument.

1961 saw an important step in the development of the 425, with the new five-speed gearbox (from chassis no. 15001) and the Terra Trol hydraulic system. With Terra Trol there was no longer any need for support wheels on attachments carried by the hydraulics. Technically this was the same tractor as the Volvo T 425, but painted green.
BM 425 (Terrier) specifications
Engine Volvo B 16 C
Cylinders 4
Cylinder capacity, l 1,58
Rated output, hk 23,5
Gears, forward/reverse 4/1, later 5/1
Maximum speed, km/h 29, later 29,8
Wheelbase, mm 1915
Operating weight, kg 1350
Production no. including T 425 11193
Production year 1957-1962

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