Bolinder-Munktell BM 31, 33/32, 34

A small number of BM-branded tractors based on the Volvo T 31, T 32, T 33 and T 34 were produced. The T 30 series was built on the same principles as the T 20 series, but they were slightly larger. The chassis was designed so that front loaders and various attachments could be fitted. The tractor had a small turning radius and high ground clearance thanks to the portal rear axle. It became popular for hauling timber, thanks to the increased comfort of the sprung and damped seat and its ability to reach more than 27 km/h at full throttle.
Power take-off and hydraulic lift were available as extra equipment. The BM 31 had a four-cylinder Volvo D 4 F kerosene engine. The BM 32 had a four-cylinder Volvo D 4 B gasoline engine. The BM 33 and BM 34 were designed to work on crops grown in rows. The tractors had a telescopic front axle with stepped variable track from 129 to 171 cm and narrower wheels, 6.00-19 front and 11-38 rear.
BM 31, 33/32, 34 specifications
Engine Volvo D 4 F
... Cylinders 4
... Cylinder capacity, l 3,46
... Rated output, hk 36
Alt. engine Volvo D 4 B
... Cylinders 4
... Cylinder capacity, l 3,46
... Rated output, hk 45
Gears, forward/reverse 5/1
Wheelbase, mm 1 960
Weight, kg 2 280
Production no. 44
Production year 1954–1957

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