Forestry machinery

Based on their robust tractors, Bolinder-Munktell in the middle of the 1950's started to develop specialized forestry equipment and soon became a leading supplier in the Nordic area. Later on, in the 1960's and 1970's, they also supplied other forestry areas of the world.

For two decades, Volvo BM was one of the largest and most respected international forestry equipment manufacturers with several pioneering products and leading-edge technology. The forestry machinery represented a sizeable portion of the total company turnover.

The decision to fully concentrate the activities on construction equipment led, however, to the decision to divest the forestry equipment operations in 1977.

Power output has been stated in terms of Swedish horsepower (hk) as defined at the time. This unit is not the same as horsepower in the modern SI system.
(1 hk = 1,014 hp)