Foundry products

Both Eskilstuna Mekaniska Verkstad (later Munktells) in Eskilstuna and Kungsholmens Mekaniska Verkstad (later J and CG Bolinders Mekaniska Verkstads AB) in Stockholm set up foundries from the very start. A wide range of cast-iron products was manufactured - frying pans, cauldrons, stoves, garden chairs and much more.

They also made engine blocks, axle housings and gearbox housings.

When the companies merged (as AB Bolinder-Munktell) in 1932, J & CG Bolinders Mekaniska Verkstads AB remained in Kallhäll outside Stockholm under its own name. The last foundry that had been set up in Eskilstuna in 1917 closed in 1973 and operations were transferred to Volvo BM's new foundry in Arvika.